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Sunday, August 23, 2009

diy sundays: door curtain

i live at the Canterbury House in Waco (until next week) and we realized that we had a big need for a curtain to cover the window on our back door. when shopping for a panel, we had a hard time finding something that could work with two rods (one on top and one on bottom) for a reasonable price. so I hopped over to the fabric section to remedy our problem. We needed something neutral to balance out some of the wild colors in the house, but with the instructions below, you can make a curtain of any color or fabric. happy sewing!

shop or scrounge:
+fabric (i bought 2 yards)
+curtain rods of your choice (we used the standard cheapo, but cafe rods work too)
+sewing machine, thread & pins

1. measure and cut. Measure from about three inches above the window to three inches below and add 4 inches to this measurement (mine was 72+4=76in). If using a shear fabric, triple the width. Use your judgement here, but I purchased a thin muslin fabric and didn't cut down the width at all. (preference is key)

2. iron and fold. Iron fabric for the pretty factor and lay it out flat on your workspace. Fold each side in 1/2in and then fold again 1 inch. Get out your iron and iron the folds flat.

3. pin and sew. Pin these folds down and sew each side close to the fold. Remember to backstitch at the beginning and end of sewing and if you you want to spic it up a bit, use a contrasting color of thread.

4. fold, iron, pin & sew. Fold the top of the panel in 1/2in and then fold again 1 1/2inches. Iron flat, pin and sew.

5. hang rods. Using package directions, hang rods on door.

6. test. Hang on top rod and place pins where the bottom rod hits fabric. (This helps, because you only get this one chance to adjust your fold on the bottom.)

7. repeat step 4 for the bottom of your panel. If you are new to the sewing game, this is your last chance to take a photo of your beaming face at the machine.

8. hang and admire. Put your rods through the top and bottom hems. You now have a curtain that will NOT get caught in the door as you leave.


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